Brandon’s Teacher Testimonial

Teacher Chorey Charts Chore Chart Testimonial

“They should make one for adults!”

As a teacher, I see and hear many ways in which the educational system and even parents have fallen short in teaching children discipline, responsibility, accountability, and self reliance. I get these children when the lack of these virtues are well ingrained – high school. I wind up having to chip away at some concrete-like habits, amid many sighs and eye rolls, when these bad habits can be completely circumvented early on. That’s where Chorey Charts come in.

Chorey Charts are an excellent way to start early with children, in EASILY implementing “actions and consequences” in a very positive way that we all can relate to! A game! It’s perfect for both visual and tactile learners. The magnetic chart pieces can easily be kept on the fridge (come on, most of the family gathers there all the time!), or in your child’s room. It’s easy to make a child excited about doing chores and other things, because they see the reward agreed upon at the end of the specific time frame given by the parent. Think of it as the “gold star” or even a “demerit” you received in elementary school. Actions and consequences!
My nieces use this every day, and they love the charts! It lets them see any progress they make, and holds them accountable for themselves. This product is fantastic for homes or the classroom. I’d even say the Chorey Charts should make one for adults! Thanks for a great product!

Interactive Parenting — Cori’s Testimonial

Interactive Parent

“Maybe if more parents had Chorey Charts…”


We’re very interactive parents. We’re always looking for new challenges that our kids can master. Chorey Charts feels like a fun way for them to practice life skills which a lot of adults still find challenging… I even used it with young teenagers to help them visualize what they were working for. Before long, they were telling me when they earned another green check. They really got into it!