What is Chorey Charts?

Take the Chorey-entation!

What Makes It Unique?


Chorey Charts is the first modular chore chart game that parents can adjust to their child’s abilities and age. It’s stackable; a completed chart looks like a periodic table of tasks — with elements of fun. Parents can set up Chorey Charts to track both time-sensitive, weekly tasks and random acts of kindness. All parts can be incentivized. Parents can add a prize to a specific day, a specific weekly chore, and/or to the whole chart through the use of rules. Parents can even add a prize to a long-term, open-ended set of tasks to motivate their child to do great things not specifically listed in the weekly chart.

Chorey Charts is easy to play and easy to set up for parents and children alike. The game is endlessly adjustable. All parts are:


Chorey Charts are set up on a grid and players can align every piece to any side of any other piece, creating a unique playing experience. All pieces can be stacked atop one another and can be mixed with endless variation.


All pieces are built on high-quality magnets. Parents can set the charts up on any magnetic surface: a refrigerator, a dry-erase board, or even a locker. Players can include other, non-Chorey magnets to make the game more interesting.

Dry Erase

Parents and children can write on any piece with a dry erase marker. This makes it easy to personalize tokens to specify things like quantity or emphasis. If there isn’t a token that adequately describes a prize or task, a parent or child can create their own.


Words are scarce in Chorey Charts so the game can be played with children still learning to read. Icons are ideal because pictures allow for variations in context, e.g. to one child, a task token with a trashcan could mean taking out the garbage. To another, that token could mean taking the trash to the street. In short, an icon means what the parent and child agree it does.

Concepts Made Simple

Chorey Charts is more than just another conduct report card. As they play, kids enjoy learning concepts like:


Both parents and children have roles to play in the game. Children get to see how their conduct affects the agreed-upon outcome in real time. Parents obligate themselves to provide the prizes. When Chorey Charts are put in a public place, both parents and children get to see how well they maintain their agreement. Both parties hold one another accountable and, when played well, this leads to trust.

Delayed Gratification

When playing Chorey Charts, children get to anticipate a future prize for things they do presently. Through the use of a long-term Open Chart, they can work toward a larger prize over many weeks or months. This is also a great way to mitigate a kid’s need to “have it now”; putting up a prize token that represents something he suddenly can’t live without — attainable in, say, a few weeks — allows him to cool off.


A person values no prize more than one for which she’s worked. When a kid puts in weeks of work to get something she’s anticipated for a while, that prize becomes much sweeter; it’s not just a toy or a trip, it’s a trophy, an achievement she can appreciate.


From the initial negotiation, to the public accountability, to the sweet taste of victory, kids play a vital role in their outcomes — for better or worse. This builds self-esteem and teaches a child to trust herself, be daring, and work for what she wants.


A father and daughter agree upon a Chorey Chart.

Chorey Charts are an agreement. Begin your week with a handshake.

Setting up a game every week teaches a child to negotiate — a skill even some adults have trouble with. Parents can encourage their child to ask for what they want or to compromise, to be bold, reasonable, or agreeable. Hit Tokens in Chorey Charts can take on the role of a family currency; Prize Tokens, chit. The more a family plays, the more value the tokens have. As anything with value can be negotiated and exchanged, this little game of family commerce can be as much fun as the charts themselves.

Life Hacking

Chorey Charts can be as complicated or as simple as the players want. Children can learn to save special prizes, Blitz Tokens, or use the rules to their advantage to yield the most they can from the game. Parents can encourage the kids to look for loopholes. Parents can even build a game such that the task the child has the most difficulty with is the task that holds the key to seeing the most reward for their hard work.

The Possibilities are Endless

There’s no one way to play Chorey Charts. Through the game’s flexibility, parents can turn children’s chores into an adventure or a life lesson. You and your kids can start playing by ordering yours today!